Structured Cabling Installation
Lynch Networks are a cost effective structured cabling installation & support company. We professionally install all standards of Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A and fiber optic cabling. Based in Dublin, we offer a nationwide design, installation, upgrade and repair service, leaving you with a computer network that your company can rely on, far into the future. Simply call today and let us take the hassle out of structured cabling support.
Network Maintenance Services
Maintenance of a network can be time consuming, even a single fault on a data point can cause problems for the entire network, particularly if you dont have the right tools to troubleshoot the problem. Our experience and equipment sets us apart from the competition. We always aim to deliver a premium service whether that is direct to the customer or in sub contract role. Simply get in touch and well take care of the rest.
DADO Trunking Installation
Did you know that we do more than only install structured cabling? We also take care of the electrical work, the trunking systems, network cabinet installation and even your incoming telecom cabling? So you will not need to go looking for an electrician, telephone engineer or a network engineer, our company deliver all of these services as a single package with a single invoice, its that simple, just make a phone call and reply on us.