And what services can we provide your organisation?

LYNCH NETWORKS are a technical installations contractor based in Dublin, Ireland. Our Ltd company professionally installs network & telecommunications cabling so organisations & their teams can run all the wonderful IT systems that are available to you today, for example..
    • High-performance local network and internet connectivity.
    • Modern phone systems with the ability to work from home.
    • Fast, strong and reliable commercial WiFi anywhere.
    • Network file storage: share, collaborate & store data on your network.
    • Centralised network printing for everyone.
    • Easily monitor your network, keep it updated and the data on it safe.
    • Smoothly run cloud services like Sage, Salesforce & Microsoft 365.
    • Security, CCTV & door entry solutions for your building.
    • Remote working solutions with the ability to work from home.
    • Commercial data backup & power backup systems for peace of mind.
As well as being structured cabling specialists did you know that Lynch Networks installs and supports the IT systems listed above and we have convenient payment packages to match?

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Most organisations invest heavily in their IT systems given how important these are for operating. The telecom & local data cabling in your organisation is the foundation of these systems and if done right both staff and consumers benefit from the investment for years or decades to come. That's what we offer, a professional installation service with the equipment and skills to certify and guarantee every job is done right.
Remember Networks that operate fast, help organisations improve output and the overall experience for the consumer.
Lynch Networks have a track record of delivering both standard and complex installations from scratch, regardless of what type of building you are in or how large the project is, we have standardised methods for physically installing structured cabling into any property. Whether the building is new, currently under construction or indeed an old or even Georgian style that needs a major retrofit. We have been completing all of these project types for well over a decade, this is our trade and we consider ourselves to be one of the best operators in the country.
Did you know? The NBI (National Broadband Ireland) plan which is currently underway, is to have a 500Mb-2Gb connection available throughout the national fibre optic network. This gives Lynch Networks a fantastic opportunity to meet these services coming in from the road and get your IT systems connected to the world and benefit from having a top-tier network and internet connection for your organisation, whether that benefits you and your staff on a daily basis or the end consumer, either option this is a fantastic opportunity. Read more on the NBI plan here.
Remember, computer networks rely heavily on IT cabling which we consider as the foundation of any network. This infrastructure is often in place for decades to come and will be in place throughout a number of upgrades of the active hardware. Have your cabling installed and certified so you know what you’re getting. If you have 15 minutes you can learn more from a document we wrote about structured cabling and what you need to know.
It’s also good to know that Lynch Networks provides callout repair and support services for organisations with an existing network. Often organisations don’t know who to turn to when they’re system suddenly stops working. Lynch Networks are the experts and specialise in resolving all types of internal and external network cabling problems.
99.6% of our workload is directly to other registered Ltd companies based in Ireland and abroad. 0.4% are domestic customers.
Every single business up and down the country relies heavily on their IT network bar a small few. Imagine all the pubs, restaurants, hotels, offices, schools, shops, retail units and garages never mind all the industrial estates and other services providers around Dublin and even greater Ireland. They all rely on their network to run and manage the business and the interesting part is that of all the new installations we have signed off on, in our 10+ years, there is still a large number of companies who have a network that has been installed using unstructured cabling and poor quality components that has caused the whole system to perform unreliable and the owners don’t know who to turn to. Most often the whole system will need to be checked, evaluated and upgraded to a modern network that can serve the staff and in turn improve the customer's experience with the organisation. Lynch Networks are experts in everything from the incoming DSL & fibre cables all the way out to the guest WiFi. We have been commercially installing networks for over 10 years with everything adhering to TIA or ISO standards.
Our customers are mainly electrical contractors, other IT, software & tech support companies and of course direct to the customer, from pharmaceutical, construction, garages, pubs, waste facilities, data centre customers we have seen them all. Less than one percent of our clients are domestic customers.
Lynch Networks are a fully registered limited company registered for VAT in Ireland and carries full insurance for up to 13M. All 3 of these can easily be provided on request. We are also registered on the European VIES system.
Where we work: for more than ten years which we have been in business we have completed projects all over Europe and also up and down the length of the UK.

Lynch Networks has delivered on European-wide installation and maintenance projects for several well-known international retailers and has also completed major national rollout projects for several telecom carriers across Europe. As well as large-size projects we have delivered on other requests which may only require several man hours per site for organisations delivering modifications to their locations. We have completed data centre projects for customers who need to relocate between countries not to mention all the companies we have worked here in Ireland with. We can deliver on projects anywhere and we have currently completed work in

    • Belgium: Projects lasting over 2 years
    • Germany: Projects lasting over 2 years
    • Holland: Projects lasting over 1 year
    • France: Projects lasting several weeks
    • UK: Projects lasting over 2 years
    • Denmark: Projects lasting over 6 Months
    • Norway: Projects lasting several weeks
Our ethos is based on helping Irish organisations move towards what they can benefit from in terms of technology and keep pace with other European economies that expect these services. Our skills and experience can transform businesses and we've seen first-hand the stress and frustrations problems can cause staff on the ground when things are not up to date and working right.
Equiptment: Lynch Networks holds a full range of construction equipment from wet and dry core drilling, road and chasing saws, alignment lasers and heavy drilling equipment which allow us to run cables through walls that are up to 2 meters thick. We have also a range of high-reach ladders and ready access to cherry pickers and scissor height platforms giving us high reach if needed, as mentioned previously we can install into any building type.

    • Telecom fibre and DSL internet specialists for over a decade.
    • Fully equipped for construction-type fit-outs
    • Top-of-the-line high-end Fluke Networks testing equipment.
    • Lynch Networks accepts cabling projects as large as 1000 individual cables.
    • Fibre optic and copper specialists
    • Cabling and active hardware installations for complete service

Safety comes number one on all our projects. Lynch Networks has over ten years of industry experience without a single serious incident. We attest this to not only having the relevant training in place for our staff but most importantly employing the right people. SafePass & manual handling are of course a minimum requirement but we also hold working at heights, MEWP and first aid. When taking on new staff we always look for physical fitness and dexterity, problem-solving, time management and a customer focus which helps to ensure we have the right people onboard for you.

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