Do you need to move and reinstall all your IT equipment to a new premises? We can facilitate the complete re-location of your IT system from one building to another including cabling, telecoms and physical transport! We can also move your PABX or VOIP telephone system and keep your existing telephone numbers. From the physical preparation and transport from your old premises to the new building and the re-installation of your comms equipment including facilitating the power and data cabling in your new location ready to accept your arriving equipment.

Relocate your IT equipment

As well as the above Lynch Networks can also install the required carrier external cabling to your suite, whether you will use fibre or copper telecommunication cables in order to facilitate your ISP. When preparing for your move, now is also a good time to install new RCBs dedicated to your comms equipment in the new locations fuse board and UPS for your comms giving you reliable and uninterruptible power as often this isn’t possible in an operational environment.

Relocating is obviously stressful period for everyone involved but its also a good time and opportunity to have all of your IT network requirements brought up to standard. Everything from the power and cooling to cabling, cabinets and even the Wi-Fi. We can complete the entire move and re-installation project and have everything done the way you need.