PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network, which is an acronym to describe the copper cabling in your building which delivers voice and DSL internet services from your service provider, the term is almost identical to the other reference which is POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). These services are delivered to your property using a cable that contains a pair of copper wires and is presently used for telecommunication for both residential and commercial customers in Ireland. These lines generally connect from your property and travel under or overground a few hundred meters back to a local service cabinet and from the service cabinet there is then a fibre backhaul link that connects the cabinet to the ISPs core network. These systems are known as FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet)

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The above services can also be delivered directly to your building via a fibre optic cable which is terminated directly inside your property, this is known as FTTP (Fibre to the Premises), while there are many advantages for choosing fibre over copper based systems, in the case of residential customers if there is a power cut this typically stops the service operating in the home which means the internet and landline services go down during the power outage while commercial customers will often have a backup battery system (UPS) that will keep the service online. The cables used in optical systems are prone to damage and are quite fragile so we often recieve calls from the public to repair fibre optic broadband where the customer has damaged the cable and need a quick repair service.

What's the difference between FTTP and FTTC?

The difference is that with FTTP (Fibre To The Property) the fibre optic cable travels from your service provider's network directly into your property and with FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) The fibre cable only travels as far as your local telecoms cabinet and then uses the existing coper cables that are already installed to connect to your property. This limits the bandwidth available to you is capped and it means you cannot achieve the performance that is available with FTTP.


We are specialists in these services and we support all the various telecom related wiring and infrastructure both fibre and copper. Our services include testing and commissioning, fault finding and resolution of issues. Relocation of termination points. damaged or cut cables Etc.

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For new building installations or retro installations, whether you have a 500 pair frame to be installed or a fault on a single fixed line we can help you.
With years of experience in supporting installations from a single pair right up to the largest frames we have the equipment and know-how to pin point and resolve any fault on your telecom lines whether your fault is internal or external.

We have repaired countless damaged telephone lines and general faults over the years from golf clubs digging up their own multicore telephone cable to the many buildings around Dublin city who have issues with damp or corrosion that has caused all types of faults and problems with noise on the line or just a slow internet connection. We are specialists in repairing fibre optic broadband where the cable has been damaged. The most common fault we are called to is when construction workers have cut the wrong cable during building works.

New Buildings We offer a full frame to panel installation including multi-core frame to frame and frame to voice panel using all the correct colour coding, materials and equipment.