Lynch Networks offer a range of technical contracting and support services to both national and international organisations who utilise data centres located here in the Republic of Ireland and throughout Europe. We are a local and trusted hands-on services contractor who is experienced not only in rolling out projects with hardware valued at millions of euros but also in providing the same care and attention for more minor projects that may only require our 2-hour basic call-out service. Whether these service requests are to operate directly or in collaboration with your technical team located here or abroad Lynch Networks is happy to facilitate either.
Picture inside a Data Centre
Your project requirements may involve a large installation including copper and fibre optic structured cabling, rack and stack of various hardware for processing, storage and routing according to rack elevation plans and the installation of UPS systems with patching of high voltage cables all labelled and arranged in correct order. That is where our company comes in, Lynch Networks will co-operate and plan as a wider team to deliver the project exactly the way you would like it to be deployed. We are experienced, well equipped and reliable and those are the simple reasons why we make a good partner for your organisation. All while being available throughout the different time zones given that teams are often located internationally, being available in real-time for booked projects on the many services such as Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, SMS and so on, can help the deployment roll along and minimise the risk of wasted time where the project is idle or unnecessarily held up.
The services we deliver are generally on projects for customers who have either an enterprise facility on-site on their campus or they will be renting space here in one of the many colocation data centres. From time to time, we are tasked with completing work at other COLO and enterprise facilities and find our company at telecommunication locations in the UK and throughout Europe which we are available for with prior approval.
Data centre services we provide
  • Rack and stack of IT equipment.
  • Both copper and fibre optic cabling.
  • High and low voltage patching.
  • Removal and recycling of hardware (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment WEEE).
  • Data destruction and disposal of disks, NVMe and SSD drives.
  • UPS implementation.
  • Telecommunication cabling.
  • TDR & OTDR Testing of cabling.
  • A wide range of labelling options and solutions.
  • Co-ordination and team planning.
  • Moves, changes and new additions.
  • Project cooperation and delivery of projects & tasks.
As well as larger projects discussed above, Lynch Networks will complete clear-outs, bulk cable and hardware removal. We also facilitate smaller tasks such as on-demand call-outs and support services. These can be in blocks of as little as 2 hours of onsite labour, to complete tasks such as console cable with Putty and TeamViewer sessions, patching or labelling tasks, hot-swap of disks or PSUs etc. hardware reboots or whatever requests your technical team submit. We can typically book and complete these requests within a short timeframe even with no SLA in place.
Our general aim is to operate as the onsite services contractor working alongside your organisation directly or via a 3rd party intermediary solutions provider and complete the hands-on technical tasks required which are commonly data cabinet assembly and installations or relocations, installation of telecom cabling both copper and or fibre. LAN to WAN (telecom) cabling, copper and fibre patching tasks, rack and stack of devices and so on. Essentially, we are operating as your on-site technical team all while being fully equipped with everything from ladders, rack and server lifts, Fluke Networks fibre and copper TDR & OTDR certified testing equipment as well as top tier Fujikura cleaving and fibre optic splicing hardware. Alongside the technical skills and specialist equipment, we also have accounts with the major IT hardware and software providers located here in Dublin giving us access to everything that they have available which means we can deliver a more valuable and single point of service to you as an organisation requiring data centre services. Our service offering is designed to allow you to take control of your project and focus on the tasks which are important to you and not spend time with micro-managing items which should be facilitated by the local contractor, we have in many of our projects over the years been a complete single point of contact for the end customer. Lynch Networks aims to facilitate the overall requirements from equipment delivery to a fully deployed environment that is ready for remote access by your external team and streamline the entire process as much as we can.

Although not all projects are major installations and many may well be simple tasks such as the additional rack and stack of one or two devices or maybe a change of patching or label configuration. Some requirements may be a simple reboot of a device that is unresponsive etc. or to be on standby for unexpected downtime during updates and this is why Lynch Networks is an excellent contractor for your organisation.

New Installations
In the majority of situations, a COLO data centre environment will have its own deployment team to arrange and have your data cabinets and cable containment infrastructure in place. In other environments such as your own building, you may need these tasks actioned and we can certainly arrange those project requirements, whether you need overhead fibre bins and cable trays or even underfloor containment we can facilitate these requests and from there we can move on to other tasks such as the delivery inventory and ensure all your equipment is delivered on-site and follow up with items not yet arrived. Once the inventory is checked off, we can begin the rack and stack of the equipment exactly to your elevation plans and documentation. From there we usually begin the patching work including colour coding and labelling using our wide range of label systems from flag pole, wrap-around, laminated and so on. We can also complete the assembly of servers and NAS or SANs etc. that arrive needing assembly or upgrade of RAM, blades, cards and drives Etc. Often larger installations will need priority on some individual devices being brought up and made live ahead of the other equipment to facilitate connection into the site so off-site teams can begin their work, again this is something Lynch Networks are well versed in. Another common requirement we see is the WAN connection into new infrastructure needs to be brought up and in the case your routing equipment has been sent directly from the supplier un-configured, we can easily facilitate a LogMeIn or TeamViewer with a console cable and putty connection allowing you direct and stress-free access to your equipment.
Clear out: Companies often run equipment 24/7 for many years or even into decades and find themselves in a situation where that equipment is completely end of life or is no longer capable of serving their demand requirements. In other situations, operators want to downsize their operation's physical footprint and hand back rack space to the data centre and operate using newer lower profile equipment. Essentially there are many situations where organisations want to clean out and remove devices and or bulk cabling from their finite space, some equipment will be for recycling or secure destruction which through our partners we can facilitate or in other cases, the hardware will need to be packaged labelled and shipped out offsite or delivered to another location and re-commissioned. In some situations, providers have closed down, or they may increase their prices significantly or maybe your active hardware would simply be better suited to another location but whatever the reason you may need relocation of your existing data centre equipment, Lynch Networks can provide the general technical services involved in decommissioning, documenting, packing, transporting and recommissioning of your organisation’s equipment into the new location. So, to summarise everything you have just read, being a trusted and reliable partner Lynch Networks is a great company to have onboard for your project and maintenance requirements. To start, simply call or email us to begin working with Lynch Networks. Thank you for taking the time to read our page.