INFORMATION: Apart from the installation of network cabling we also deliver a number of other services such as the supply and installation of the DADO office trunking system, wall mounted and free-standing network cabinets, the installation of electrical sockets including associated works, telecom services and various types of trunking and conduit systems suitable for cable management within offices and various other commercial environments.

Office Network Sockets

DADO TRUNKING: This form of trunking is the ideal solution for the incorporation of both electrical and network wiring management within your office or place of business. This form of trunking is both cosmetically pleasing and also compatible with the strict data specifications for Cat3, Cat5 and Cat6 installations as well as delivering the ability to easily add, move or remove both network or electrical sockets as you require.

Cabling Solutions Dublin

Our services include
  • Office Relocation
  • Network cabinet installation
  • External and underground cabling solutions
  • Conduit and trunking systems for offices
  • DADO trunking installation
  • Electrical work
  • UPS supply & installation
  • Removals and upgrades

DADO Trunking Installation Ireland

NETWORK CABINETS: We supply and fit a wide range of network cabinets from small wall mounted units to heavy duty free standing. Our range begins at tiny 4U unit which is just 10 inches wide and suitable for small businesses and go up to and beyond 42U which are capable of mounting in excess of a metric ton.